Rise above burnout and confusion: Reactivate confidence, clarity, and purpose to elevate your business to new level or start a new one in 16 weeks.

I am ready to get UNSTUCK!

Hey goddess are you done

Left with no time after your day job and family responsibilities to even think about kick- starting your business.

Completely Drained because of thoughts like “What if I fail”, and “Will I make money” in my business leaving you incapable of taking any action!

Throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping for something to stick without clarity of vision and strategy to build your business.

Drowning under overwhelming information about what to pay your limited attention to in a day to get the most results?

Do you find yourself constantly wishing for the confidence and courage to share your unique gifts/services /products with the world authentically?

Done living on autopilot and ready to package your creative intuition and turn it into profits!

Feeling paralysed by imposter syndrome ready to double down on your natural gifts, and individuality making competition NONEXISTENT!

There’s an easier way

In my first two years of coaching, I achieved multiple 6-figure revenue and remarkable success.

As my business vision expanded and the call for global impact grew, despite leveraging business strategies and acumen, I encountered a roadblock – BURNOUT! My tank was empty, I had nothing to give!

Burnout led to loss in confidence, intensifying the voice of “I hate this,” “This is not for me” at level 10, while the voice of “OMG I love what I do” was just a whisper at 2, and some days it was nonexistent.

Rediscovering energy, reconnecting with purpose, and bolstering self-assurance, I reignited my path to success. This time, the journey is as exhilarating as the destination. Now living between two countries, I’m wholeheartedly devoted to both my business and dance. Engaged to my soul mate and blessed with a son, WHILE PRIORITIZING MY WELLBEING AND FEMININITY!

I’m resolutely committed to awakening the dormant goddess within, catalyzing global change, and empowering women at every level.

Yes, you can achieve success, financial freedom, family harmony, and artistic fulfillment without adrenal burnout – if I can do it, my clients can, and so can you!

I want to claim confidence and power

✦ No more hustling for work as you align your energy and mind to create the dream brand you have always wanted to.

✦ Burn the belief of 9 to 5 until I die and step into creating a business of your dreams giving you time and energy to do more of what you love — while being divinely compensated for it.

✦ Ditch anxiety, low self-esteem and shift into a confident Queen who commands her work realm by speaking her truth and setting healthy boundaries — unapologetically.

✦ Bringing those great business ideas from mental space into the physical world by implementing a proven step- by-step strategy and framework to accelerate your growth.

✦ Release the self-sabotaging patterns that keep you feeling stuck in a prison of scarcity, and shift into a vibrant Queen who confidently makes riches rain in all areas of her Queendom.

✦ Farewell feeling stuck in a soul-destroying job with boring lifestyle as you free your soul and its powerful intuition to guide you into a fulfilling, purposeful career.

✦ Shift from hiding online to speaking up, being heard and selling your unique ideas, like a boss, and finally allow yourself to be a magnet for income and influence you and your business deserve.

INITIATION #1: Foundation of Business mindset

What is even a business? more than that what is foundation of a business which doesnt just feel like another 9-5 job! So its time to really get clear around the mindset required to be the BOSS your are meant to be! 

INITIATION #2: Wellbeing and vitality! 

The most important part of your business is you! On top a strong mind and healthy body any empire can be built! So its time to build those solid foundations so your consciousness is clear, body is light and profitable ideas are JUST FLOWING IN! 


Let’s tap into your soul’s purpose with my signature 6 step process, repeatable process to cut noise of others and listen to your heart’s calling! 


In alignment to your soul’s purpose and stellar strategy birth your signature business idea. So your million dollar business ideas are not just in the realm of “cool ideas” but they are landing in 3D reality selling like hotcakes! 

INITIATION #5: discard your money blocks and price your package IT’S true worth!

Charge with confidence, clarity and alignment! Let’s talk money and open the floodgates to abundance you deeply desire and deserve.


Clear thought, action, result, restore! ability to flow between different roles gracefully and be fully present in every situation! So you don’t just enjoy the business but you enjoy your life as a whole! 

INITIATION #7: get visible & Open your throat

Open your throat and learn the art to express your valuable programmes and products online and in person! Own your voice & shine.


the journey of sharing your gifts and asking for being divinely compensated for it brings up alot of low self worth and self sabotage! We will clear any blocks holding you back from “asking for the sale” aka the divine exchange!


Dance between juicy time with partner, belly laughs with kids and absolute slay and success at work! YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

INITIATION #10: Marketing Genius 

Time to put in potent strategy so that you consistently see results and turn your passions into profits!


Overcome limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset. Harness the energy of the goddess of abundance to master the art of manifestation. Embrace abundance consciousness and manifest your desires unapologetically.

I am ready to embrace my highest expression!



We create a sacred space to channel individualised vision. Discover our soul’s dharma and ritualistically open our devotion to it! 

1 x 90-minute Voice activation

Time to own our voice, embody clarity around soul’s mission and learn energetics, strategy, techniques to unleash confident self expression!!! No hiding behind self doubt and overthinking!



Supercharge your results with laser-focused hot seat coaching to draw in streamlined manifestation.


1 YEAR access to the the REVIVAL codes online course!

An 8-part self-paced course to ditch confusion, gain clarity & feel energized, so you can focus on what’s important! 

Showing you how to focus on what truly counts. Say goodbye to uncertainty, recharge your spirit, and embrace what matters most. 



Your pocket guide for stellar business clarity, strategy and marketing! IT’S ALL THE BUSINESS TALK DIVA!

I am ready to Rise


From struggling in relationships to an abundance of love

When I first spoke to Mini, a lot of my focus was getting guidance for a lot of relationship problems I was going through a lot of relationship problems, my life was in a state of limbo and I had no routine and discipline. 

This experience has been so much more than I could’ve ever anticipated, it has impacted every single area of my life; my personal relationships, family, work, and studies. Mini was able to listen to me and help me see things from a perspective I would’ve never been able to see. She is so wise, understanding and caring. Aside from the strong routine that we developed, my mindset and perspective have completely elevated as a result of practising the lessons we have learnt and I can see how far I have come as a person. Sharing this space with 3 other amazing ladies was super special, getting to hear their stories and learning from what they’re experiencing even if I wasn’t experiencing it allowed me to grow and learn even more.

 I have grown so much emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. The shifts in mindset, personal values and lessons I have taken away as a result of her coaching has been something I will take with me for the rest of my life and I am so grateful to have been part of this amazing program. Thank you so much for being an incredible coach and for helping me become a better version of myself

– Claire Ho / Melbourne

From self-doubt to certainty.

“One of the most simple yet vital takeaways from working with Mini is that it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Mini has a way of subtly weaving new rituals into your daily life that are fun and luscious, quickly bringing you closer to yourself.

Her approach is truly transformative and shapes you into being the person you can rely on to catch yourself and gratify yourself.

A beautiful side effect of working with Mini is how effortlessly you share happiness with others simply by your renewed way of being.”

Jenna Daley / Brisbane Australia

From Grief, Panic and Trauma to soulful thriving in life

“To anyone out there who feels they need the motivation of confidence to grow and thrive I recommend Mini”

“I started to work with Mini when I had separated from my husband, we had been together for over 15 years and 2 small children.

Mini was able to open up my reality and make me see beyond the grief, panic and anxiety I was experiencing and giving me the motivation to keep going as I process the trauma.

She gave me the confidence to look after me and that you are worthy of creating a life you have desire.

To anyone out there who feels they need the motivation of confidence to grow and thrive I recommend Mini”

Vesna Karafolovski / Melbourne


Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how I’m unlike every other coach out there… NOT EVERY COACH

Is a certified Vedic counsellor, Professional Indian classical dancer, six figure business owner, Meditator, Mother and loves life in its entirety.

Is trained in Vipassana, meditation, Floatation tanks, Tantra, Ayurvedic lifestyle, Meditation and Indian classical dance.

Works with the fundamental level of vibration and energetic alignment to create physical, psychological, spiritual, financial abundance in day to day life. 

Is honest, caring and non-judgmental because she has experienced the pain and the resilience within to stand in her power.

Honours creativity, materialistic abundance and spirituality with the same intensity.

Is deeply rooted in experiential wisdom. I am not here to share lecture room knowledge, I take pride in bringing you the magic of learning through direct experience which is grounded in the deepest core of your being.

I'm ready to rise!

I have been there sister! I know what it feels like to constantly live in fear, not owning your voice, disjointed relationships, loneliness, and a deep sense of disconnect. I have felt it all, experienced it all and risen above it all! 7 years ago I was not the guiding factor of my life. I was living in India, drowning under the expectations and limitations of a conservative and orthodox society. I felt lost, with no connection to my true self. I hit rock bottom and had no option but to redefine “WHO AM I”. It was not a choice! It was a necessity. Otherwise, I literally couldn’t live with myself! And so my journey to self-discovery began. 

I started practising Vipassana, Vedic thought and lifestyle, and Ayurveda. I became a mother to a beautiful being, lover, Indian classical dancer, singer and business owner…. Rewiring my subconscious merged with integrated self-expression led me to realise my true infinite power! I tapped into fathomless power, confidence, courage, and feminine radiance which was sourced from within me. The pure oneness with it all, Once I tapped into the divine source of energy, playing small was not an option! Coming from India I have eastern roots and living in Australia led me to adopt western systems! 

Leading me to create a well-balanced, life-changing, powerful, integrated holistic lifestyle and mindset which gives you the best of both worlds. Imbibing physical and spiritual health, radiating confidence, courage, deep love, crystal clear vision, laser-sharp focus, self-trust and self-belief like nothing else! So, It’s my passion to help you fully honour your unique individuality, cultivate a deep sense of knowing and shine out in the modern world like never before! 

You deserve an abundant, radiant life and I can’t wait for you to have it all.