Hi, my name is Damini, I am an Integration coach. I help people to disintegrate and reintegrate fragmented and unexplored parts of their consciousness to achieve a greater sense of content and fulfillment.

In this blog, I am going to talk about a part of you which holds you back from taking control over your reality.

On the path of self improvement we get glimpses of resistance. Most commonly you get it in form of excuses like I don’t think I have enough time, Maybe in a week’s time, I am not good enough, I don’t know enough . First, accept that you are on the right path of change because resistance on the path of transformation is inevitable and signifies that you are on right path . Secondly, Recognize that excuses are coming from the old you which needs to transform . How can you listen to it and hope for a change?

Thirdly , You need to take look into your internal self, take responsibility and try to change it , Try not to dwell into external factors.

Let’s break this point down~

In almost every sphere of your life their are two perceived realities ~

Internal ~ Your subjective life experiences. Who you are!

External ~ All objective/ outside things which exist outside you.

When those excuses appear, initial response is pointing the fingers outwards. For instance, If this person didn’t do this then I wouldn’t have done that, If the time of the year was right I could have done it. 

Well, if that’s the case then it is very hard to alter your state of reality and beat the resistance, because now you have to adjust the whole external world to change a part of you and it is a lengthy, cumbersome, and in my opinion futile.

There is a much simpler way and that is by taking control of your Internal (you)  reality. Because it’s impossible to make everything and everyone do exactly the right thing, for you to take action

Let’s take a simple example, if I say that I can’t wake up early, Then I should question who is this person (internal) that doesn’t want to wake up early and see if I can try to change that. Understand that it is your old self which in itself needs to change. The point is that nobody is making you do this, that or to be miserable. We are choosing those things.

This approach will give you more control over your reality , Something to work with which is actually in your immediate power.

It’s not easy but it is much simpler than altering all those infinite external factors, and because you can’t really do much about all those countless external factors you will find yourself paralyzed by your thoughts , you will feel exhausted and give up. Which is taking you in opposite direction of self improvement,

When you are faced with obstacle/resistance~

  1. First, accept that you are on the right path of change because hindrances on the path of transformation are inevitable.

  2. Inculcate awareness of that little voice, excuses which you hear form the old you, recognize , acknowledge, smile at it and move opposite from it. Soon, it will fade.

  3.  Take Personal Responsibility for your reality. 

  4. Question and try to change the Internal (you) and overtime the External (outside) will morph itself to match your vibration.

  5. Be honest about how undesirable is the present reality and how desirable is the future one, that’s how much work you need to put in.

  6. Acknowledge that nothing is Instant and Permanent. And that all changes require the right effort in the right direction.

  7. Seek support and guidance

You can always wait for the perfect time, environment, people, and circumstances. The change will not happen until unless you decide to make it happen.

 PatientlyConsistentlyPersistently, and Consciously take small steps towards better you.

Good luck