I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME ON A 4 week RADICAL JOURNEY OF CREATING PATHWAY TOWARDS SUCCESS, by learning the art of creating and sustaining momentum!

Over 4 weeks we will observe, understand and implement simple yet effective systems, to shift your lifestyle from place of stagnation and fatigue to radiance, energy and success.

Why do you fail at achieving your goals?

It’s 2023 now. Probably your 5th year in a row of coming up with resolutions that just stay on paper.

How many times do your New Year Resolutions actually turn into Reality? 

Do you sometimes worry you won’t be able to maintain what you started? 

Even if you start, you fizzle out in 1-2 weeks or max a month and get back into old habits.

In order to achieve what you’re capable of, you must move out of this feeling and onto a successful path.


– By crossing the threshold of “momentum”-

Most coaches will tell you to keep your eye on the prize and keep going forward. That’s one way to get to your destination but it’s challenging!

Every goal comes with uncertainty and our minds are not designed to see the destination without creating a sense of anticipation and anxiety.

The finish line is too far out in time for our minds to conceive. This breeds lack of motivation, eventually you give up and settle for something mediocre and go back to familiar habits which are easier for your mind to handle.

Now let’s look at an alternative method.

A rolling stone, a snowball heading down a hillside, or any object gathering momentum can overcome sizable obstacles in its path.  

Not just can the moving object overcome large obstacles, it can go farther and faster as it gathers momentum.

This applies to human beings as well. Once we start on a task and start building momentum, it is easier and faster to reach our goals. 

Whether it is a personal goal such as starting an exercise regime or that humongous project at work. 

Momentum can overcome the toughest of situations.

Dive in!

What is Momentum?

Newton described momentum as Force x acceleration. 

This simple formula when applied to wellbeing does wonders. Momentum is a force that carries you forward with the least amount of effort after the initial effort has reached its threshold.

In other words it’s like the rolling of an avalanche.

Once it sets in motion, it can change the shape of a whole landscape in an instant. The same way, once you reach the optimum momentum towards your goal, you can totally transform your life with ease and reach your goal in no time.

Momentum is the energy that takes a few small steps and turns the results into something you could never see coming.

How does it work? 

Now I know what you’re thinking: “That all sounds fine but how the heck do I build momentum and get these benefits for myself?”

It’s very simple. The basic idea is to create momentum and break through the threshold where your million dollar goal just feels like the next step! 

The tricky part is not everyone knows how to create momentum. This is where I step in. I will teach you how to create momentum from your current position in 5 steps.

Basically, in 4 weeks together we will build peak momentum to move from a place of stagnation to success. 

And these 4 weeks will give a kickass start to your New Year. You will use momentum to live a life you didn’t think was possible.

Who is it for?

  • If you feel stuck and lack motivation.
  • If you are struggling to be consistent with your actions.
  • If you are tired of failing and want to reach your potential.
  • Want to create solid habits for a successful and healthy living.
  • Want to get crystal clear on your long term goals and build an actionable path from where you are to where you want to be.

What’s Included

This intensive consists of 4 x two-hour live group sessions

Private Group, accountability and structured support in between sessions

Videos and written resources to help you throughout your 4 week journey and beyond.

In depth guided practices and intention setting for home.

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Little bit about me…

Hi my name is Damini, 7 years ago I wanted to achieve a lot in life but had no idea of how to build, sustain and channel my energy to manifest reality of my dreams, while also enjoying life/process. In last few years I have been able to play role of a mother, entrepreneur and Indian classical dancer. To play all these 3 roles properly while keeping healthy work, life balance, your minimum standard of operation  has to be pretty high! 

In pursuit of being well integrated human being, I have developed unique systems to maintain well balanced mental and spiritual health while smashing your goals and manifesting your dream reality! 

And not just that over past 3 years I have shared these systems with people which resulted in cultivation of more confidence, contentment, integrated spirituality, healthy emotional regulation, clear minds and manifestation of unreal visions!  

In this offering, I will be sharing how to cultivate strong sense of discipline, intrinsic motivation, coming up with crystal clear vision manifest it all without sacrificing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

It’s going to be fun, intense and powerful journey. If you are ready to incentivise on incredible guidance, community, support and give an incredible start to 2023 then book your spot! 



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