I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME ON A 4 week RADICAL JOURNEY OF SELF EXPRESSION through merging 5 primary elements with movement

Over 4 weeks we work through observing, understanding and alchemising elemental imbalances within and around us.

Simultaneously dropping into our bodies and tapping into self expression through guided & free flow movement.

Who is it for?

  • If you are ready to embody your unique expression and make your consciousness the highest priority.
  • If you are ready to listen and respond to your wants and desires through in depth self study of your body and mind.
  • If you are happy to let go of old patterns, stagnant attachments and step into welcoming more meaning and richness to your life. 
  • If you are done playing safe and compromising your truth day in day out. 
  • If you want to fully step into your femininity, embrace and express beauty which comes with being a woman! 
  • If you want to tap into and play with subtle levels of awareness leading to alchemising elements within and around you to maintain balance.
  • If you are done waiting for the right time, right moment, right thing to HAPPEN and want to step into CREATING the best reality NOW.

What are you going to receive!

  • Immense amount of confidence and courage to take rein of your life and direction it’s heading in. 
  • Ability to start treating your body, mind and life as beautiful piece of art.
  • Deeper level of awareness, ability to balance and self regulate your individual body, mind and emotions.
  • Ability to bring forth feminine essence.
  • More space and expansiveness in your inner and outer being. 
  • Attuned sense of  being in flow with nature. 
  • Guidance to cultivate a deep sense of self-trust!
  • New pathways to express your being beyond words, through movement!!!

What’s Included

This intensive consists of 4 x two-hour live group sessions

Private Group support in between sessions

Guided Practices to inculcate femininity through movement 

In depth personalised practices and intention setting for home

Integration of Ayurvedic lifestyle into modern day living   



Little bit about me…

Movement has been an integral part of my self expression. I have learnt several forms of dance forms and have ultimately dedicated my life to Indian classical art form Kathak (Dance of space, time and consciousness). I have been learning and performing different art forms for past 5 years. 

In addition to that I am Vedic coach, bringing the depth and knowledge of Vedanta and Ayurveda to help people rediscover their true self. 

This offering is merging 2 main pathways of self discovery I have implemented in my life to bring forth my best self. 

The intention of these 4 weeks will be to make you deeply attuned to your individuality through movement and magic of balancing 5 primary elements within and around you. 

It’s going to be fun, intense and powerful journey. If you are ready to step into your unique expression book your spot, I cant wait to see you there!

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